Staying Fresh with Apotheke Perfume Oils


I’ve always been a fan of natural perfume oils over alcohol-based perfumes. They tend to last longer and have more of a natural scent than regular perfumes especially in the summertime when alcohol-based perfumes scents can get a bit too strong and overwhelming.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite Brooklyn companies Apotheke, who I thought only sold candles also sold perfume oils. One thing I love about Apotheke is their approach to make handmade high-quality products locally. I also love their whole aesthetics and minimalist packaging.


I got my hands on their Flowershop perfume oil. It has hints of black jasmine, orange peel, and vanilla, and I absolutely love the natural scent.  Just a little roll on my neck and wrist before I leave home and I rarely have to reapply.  If you do need to reapply, the roll-on bottle is tiny enough that you can just pop it into your bag for later which is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to freshen up here and there.


Do you use perfume oils? What are some of your favorite brands and scents? I want to know!




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Flowershop Perfume Oil

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