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Trying the Polka Dot Dress Trend

Whenever I think of polka dots, I automatically think of the movie Pretty Woman. Do you know that scene where Julia Robert’s character wears a midi brown dress with white polka dots to attend Richard Gere’s character’s work function/picnic? Yes,…


Effortless Summer Fashion with Lovestitch

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe we are 1 day away from August already. The summers in New York are always so short, but we still have a bit of time to wear our summer wardrobe before fall…


Skin Care Review: Iope Plant Stem Cell Cream

This summer like every summer has been a bit brutal to my skin. With the harsh sun, sun spots, skin drying out, and more visible wrinkles on my forehead, of course, I had to get back on my skincare grind and…


One-Stop Shop​ for Trendy Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers/Jumpsuits have been around since the early 1900s, and they’ve managed to stay in-style till this day. I personally am a big fan of rompers and jumpsuits in the summertime. They are easy to throw on and you have a…


Tie-Dye Trend

Tie-dye is making a comeback in the fashion world, and I’m kinda here for it. It was a bit of a thing when I was younger, but I never got into it, mainly because the colors were so out there.…


Are Blazer Dresses Still a Trend?

The answer to that question would be YES! The biggest fashion trend I noticed last year was power suits, which I saw slowly morph into blazer dresses and I’ve wanted one ever since. I mean just check out Rihanna’s contemporary…


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