Chic on the Cheap



So you guys already know my love of thrifting is real, and I recently stopped at a Goodwill on the upper west side before heading to work and found this gorgeous moire gold and white pattern dress for $12 DOLLARS! Yes, you read that right.

I was running a bit late to work so I opted to not try it on and hoped the thrifting Gods would just let this dress fit me, and it did.

Styling this dress was no work at all. I went with a very “less is more” look, so I threw on some square-ish earrings and my favorite sandals from M4D3 at the moment and voila! Hope you guys rock with this look as much as I did!







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Casual to Sexy Lace Bodysuit Looks with Lust for Body

Casual to Sexy Lace Bodysuit Looks with Lust for Body

I’ve always been a big fan of lace. When I saw this lace bodysuit from Lust for Body, I had to get my hands on them immediately. Bodysuits are so versatile and can be worn with any bottom you can think of. So I decided to show you how I styled my lace bodysuit for both a casual and sexy look.

For the casual look, I paired the lace bodysuit with a pair of distressed jeans and mules.




For the sexy look, I paired the lace bodysuit with a black faux leather skirt with a dramatic slit, a vibrant yellow blazer, and a pair of black boots.






Are you a fan of lace and bodysuits? Let me know what some of your favorite brands are and I’ll check them out!


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Lace bodysuit                   Distressed Jeans                 Mules                     Yellow Blazer                      Slit Leather Skirt

Staying Fresh with Apotheke Perfume Oils

Staying Fresh with Apotheke Perfume Oils


I’ve always been a fan of natural perfume oils over alcohol-based perfumes. They tend to last longer and have more of a natural scent than regular perfumes especially in the summertime when alcohol-based perfumes scents can get a bit too strong and overwhelming.

So I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite Brooklyn companies Apotheke, who I thought only sold candles also sold perfume oils. One thing I love about Apotheke is their approach to make handmade high-quality products locally. I also love their whole aesthetics and minimalist packaging.


I got my hands on their Flowershop perfume oil. It has hints of black jasmine, orange peel, and vanilla, and I absolutely love the natural scent.  Just a little roll on my neck and wrist before I leave home and I rarely have to reapply.  If you do need to reapply, the roll-on bottle is tiny enough that you can just pop it into your bag for later which is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to freshen up here and there.


Do you use perfume oils? What are some of your favorite brands and scents? I want to know!




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Flowershop Perfume Oil

The Spring Dress you need from Elliette

The Spring Dress you need from Elliette

The weather is finally warming up for REAL in New York City and I always like to welcome the warm weather with a new spring dress.

So I’d like to introduce you to the Tate Mini dress from Elliette. Elliette is a women’s clothing brand that launched last year and has already been named a brand to watch in 2018 by Forbes. Their whole thing is creating bold pieces that make a statement and can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Styling my Tate Mini was such a breeze because I really didn’t have to do much but pair it with some Vans. The dress has beautiful prints with multi-colored removable waist ties and does a great job at making your legs appear longer than they actually are which is always a bonus for me.

Check out how I styled my Tate Mini and let me know how you like to welcome the warm spring weather.




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                                                               Tate Mini                              Vans Ultrarange Rapidweld


James Restaurant

James Restaurant

James is a cozy New American restaurant located in Prospect Heights. We (Clark and I) stumbled on this restaurant last summer for dinner and we were pleasantly surprised at how yummy the food was. So we decided to check it out the brunch scene.


We got there about 12PM on a Sunday and there was a wait. Lucky for us, the couples ahead of us didn’t want to sit at the windows seats, so we didn’t have to wait. The interior decor is simple and classic with a very inviting ambiance.


I got a coffee(unlimited), a mimosa and their burger with no cheese. Clark had their St. Anne cocktail and their special BLT. Both our meals were delicious and well portioned. My burger was made just right and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by too many fries. They could do a better job with the condiments they serve with the burger. I only had pickles and spring leaves to add to the burger which I don’t think was enough but still satisfying. Our waitress was very pleasant and attentive which made the experience that much better.  Definitely a place we will add to our repertoire of go-to restaurants and recommend to friends.

James is located at 605 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238