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Why You Should Invest in a Standing Desk

Black Women standing at a standing desk looking at camera

It’s officially been a little over a year since the pandemic first hit, and most people who have office jobs are still working from home. I’ve never worked from home before or had a desk job. The jobs I’ve had in the past required long periods of standing which I think positively contributed to my health. Since deciding to take content creation more seriously mid-last year, I’ve been working from home for the very first time. The one thing I’ve noticed from sitting at a desk for a long period of time was that my productivity wasn’t as high and I felt sluggish a lot of the time. This made me look online for a solution and that is how I came across the Floyd Standing Desk.

Floyd is a Detroit-based company that make products for the home that are timeless and intentionally made with lasting materials. The Floyd Standing Desk comes in 3 boxes which include the legs and real birch ply table surface. There are 3 different surface finishes and 2 leg color options. I went for the Walnut surface and black legs. It also comes with an OLED touch programmable handset which allows you to program different heights for the desk. So you can go from sitting to standing with one touch. The setup process was relatively easy, about an hour to put it together. My partner took over putting it together and I helped just a bit. The Floyd Standing Desk has completely transformed how we both work from home and we’ve noticed some benefits from using it almost immediately.

Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain and Improves Overall Posture

I used to average anywhere from 15K to 25K steps a day before the pandemic. No surprise that my step count dramatically decreased after being home for over a year. When you’re sitting all day, you aren’t burning as many calories. This is why a standing desk is so beneficial. While standing and working, your body burns 50% more calories than it would if you were sitting. You also strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. I’ve noticed that I actively move my body more when I’m at a standing desk and more movement is never a bad thing.

Black Women Standing at a standing desk working on a laptop

Improves Your Energy, Productivity and, Mood

As I said, I’ve always had to stand for long periods of time at jobs I’ve had in the past which always kept me on the move and on the go. However, since being home, I’ve noticed that I felt very sluggish and unproductive when sitting for long periods of time. When I got my standing desk, I instantly noticed my productivity levels rising as well as my overall energy and mood. I like to alternate between sitting and standing. So I stand for an hour and sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Balance is always key.

Black Women Sitting at a desk working on a laptop

Lowers Your Risk of Disease

As I get older, I’m constantly trying to find ways to live a healthier, longer, and disease-free life. According to studies I’ve found online, using a standing desk has major health benefits. Some of those benefits include lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, reduces risk of heart attacks, Reduces Cardiovascular Disease, etc. There are a lot more health benefits where that came from you can read all about them HERE.

Desk and Chair

These are just a snippet of reasons why you should invest in a standing desk. There are so many additional benefits that I didn’t list. If you do have a standing desk, would love to hear some of the things you love about having one. If you don’t yet and have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or send me a message HERE!

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  1. Lauraine Alexis says:

    Hello there, thanks for your blog and its nice to have a the same issues or you may story. One of my friend adviced me to use the standing desj that she alos use adjustable-standing desk and i’ve been using it for couple of months now and it helps on my issues, esp my operation. I can work well with this sit-stand working table of mine.

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