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What are 3 Benefits of Having a Staycation

Black women lounging in bed

Happy New Month. I should say New Year, but we’re not going to get into that right now (I haven’t written a blog post since December). How have ya’ll been? Honestly, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been staying home, going on walks, and content creating since it’s now my full-time gig. One exciting thing I did do with my partner at the end of January, was to have a staycation at the 1 Hotel in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We wanted a change of scenery and with COVID-19 still being a very real issue, this staycation was the perfect way to feel like we were traveling to a new place without leaving the city.


The 1 Hotel is a luxurious sustainable hotel chain with 6 locations currently. We stayed at the Brooklyn Bridge location in Dumbo Brooklyn, which is about 30 to 45 minutes from our apartment. Located by the Brooklyn Bridge Park with 194 rooms, the 1 Hotel offers different views of Manhattan and of the Brooklyn Bridge. They offer regular rooms, suites, and connecting rooms. We stayed in the Liberty King room which had a view of Lady Liberty and a partial view of Manhattan. Our room had a king-size bed, a sitting area, a shower, and a filtered water tap. Very cozy bedroom.

There are 3 different places within the hotel to grab food. A rooftop bar, Harriet’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge, a full-service restaurant, The Osprey, and a cafe, Neighbors. During our stay, indoor dining was still suspended. The only place that was open to grab food to bring back to our room was Neighbors. We’ve eaten at both the Osprey and grabbed drinks at the rooftop bar pre-COVID and highly recommend them. There are also a ton of restaurants nearby as well. Since indoor dining has recently re-opened, we’ll definitely be planning another staycation to experience the hotel at its full capacity.

Hotel lobby with seats and plants

Other amenities include the Bamford Wellness Spa and a Rooftop Pool, a gym, and a screening room. Most of these amenities were closed during our stay but should open up as things start to reopen. My favorite part of the hotel was probably the lobby. Lots of seating area to lounge or work and beautifully designed with “living wall” with a wide variety of plants. Here’s a fun fact, In the 2019 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards The 1 Hotel was named one of the Top 10 Hotels in New York City. Can’t say I’m surprised. We had a very relaxing stay. I could talk about The 1 Hotel nonstop, but let me get to the benefits of having a staycation!

No Planning Needed

This has got to be my favorite thing about having staycations! No need to figure out plane tickets, where to book a hotel, and no extensive travel time! As someone who is pretty spontaneous, staycations are perfect for just getting up and going.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard

Being a tourist in my own city is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve lived in NYC for over 20 years and I still don’t know the city 100%. Next time you book a staycation, try booking in a different area of your city/ country that you haven’t spent time in before. It’s a great way of discovering new gems right in your backyard.

Feel Recharged.

I don’t know about you, but vacations tend to tire me out and I usually don’t feel very recharged. Between the airport, travel time, jetlag, and trying to discover a new place, I usually need a vacation from my vacation. Staycations are a great way to avoid all of this because you can get to it right away. You get to spend more time enjoying the staycation rather than spending a good amount of time in transit and fatigued.

Buildings and water view

There you have it. 3 benefits of having a staycation. I definitely see more staycations in my future, especially since I don’t feel comfortable flying right now. Have you ever had a staycation? If yes, what benefits did you notice? If no, did this blog post strike your interest to have one? Let me know in the comments or HERE!

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