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3 Things I’m Doing During Quarantine

Black Women Standing

It’s day 875,000 of quarantine, and I’m finally getting a hang of having to stay home. Just kidding. It’s been about 2 months since I’ve been home, and I’m still not getting used to it as much as I would like to. Not that I’m complaining. I do realize how extremely fortunate I am to be able to stay home during these weird times and for that, I am forever grateful. With all the time I have at home, I wanted to share the 3 things I’m doing during quarantine to stay productive and sane.


Get organized? Why not! For me getting organized applies to my acting career and blogging, but it can apply to anything in your life that you’ve been putting off or haven’t had the time to do.

For my acting career, I’m making plans on getting new headshots, slates, and making an excel sheet of casting directors that I know and have auditioned for in the past. I’m also researching classes I want to get into, looking for a new monologue, and watching a lot of content. Lastly, I’ve been taking advantage of free seminars that have been popping up online for actors that you usually have to pay for.

There’s so much I’ve been putting off when it comes to blogging. I’m glad to say that I’ve tackled some of those things in the past month. For one, my website is finally where I want it to be from a visual point. I’ve figured out how to make my home and blog pages two different pages and I think I’ve finally gotten my Instagram aesthetic down to be more consistent. Still, a few things to work out but I’m on the right track.

Black Women with Plant
Black Women with Plant


I’ve definitely dived more into home decor since we moved into our new apartment right before NYC went into shutdown. It’s an attic apartment that has a Woodstock cabin feel and gets great sunlight. So far we’ve got a few plants which have really made the space come alive. We’ve also gotten decorative pieces, a new dining room table, and chairs for the table. We are now on a hunt for a new bed, coffee table, bathroom, and kitchen decor. We usually get a lot of our furniture used from Apt Deco and Charish which are marketplaces to buy or sell secondhand furniture. We’ve sold quite a few of our own furniture on Apt Deco and usually use the money we’ve made to buy new furniture.


I honestly didn’t think I would be cooking so much during quarantine but atlas, I cook about 4 to 5 times a week. I’ve always cooked, but this has got to be a record for consistency. We’re still not very familiar with the neighborhood so we haven’t done too much take-out. We are actively trying to support the local restaurants and have started to order take-out at least once a week, usually on the weekends.

Black Women Posing by Books
Black Women Posing by Books

There you have it. These are the 3 things I’ve been doing during the quarantine. They might seem minor, but they are certainly helping me stay busy and sane for the most part. Have you been staying at home? What have you been doing to keep busy during this time? Let me know in the comments are send me an email HERE!

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