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Favorite​ Floral Dress

One thing you can never go wrong with is a floral dress. I don’t have many but lately every time I go shopping, I seem to gravitate towards them. I grabbed this silk dress at H&M for $15. The original price tag was $200.  I always go to the sale section first before looking at anything else in the store and I always find amazing pieces on the cheap that I like.

The thing that attracted to this particular floral dress was the potential for versatility I saw in it for the changing of the seasons.  In the summer time, you can easily wear it as is with some sandals or throw on some boots and jacket in the fall.

Since this floral dress already has so much going on with the floral print, I decided to keep the other components of the look simple. So I paired it with a pair of XOXO wedges I got at Burlington which are super comfy and a straw bag from the Goodwill. I wish the straw bag had more structure, but you gotta work with what you got.

Let me know what you think of this look and send me some of your favorite floral dresses! Also Happy Memorial Day Friends!









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dress 2 dress-3.jpg dress-e1527479437298.jpgwedge 2wedge 3wedgebagbag 2bag 3 

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