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How I Build My Dream Gallery Wall with Framebridge

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Hi, there you cool, cats and kittens! Totally kidding. This is a Tiger King reference which is a docu-series on Netflix. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you watch it, but I wouldn’t recommend you not watching it.

Anyways back to the main subject. Clark and I moved to a new apartment at the beginning of last month. It was super last minute but we were very lucky to find an attic apartment that feels more Woodstock than NYC. I’ve always wanted a gallery wall, and we have this brick wall that separates the kitchen and dining room which I thought would be perfect for one. Having used Framebridge in the past, I knew they would be the perfect place to build my very own gallery wall.

Picture frames

Choosing a Gallery

First off, Framebridge makes it extremely hassle-free to get started on building a gallery wall on their site. If you have no idea what kind of gallery you want, no worries. They have a variety of pre-designed wall galleries to pick from. You can also do a custom gallery wall consultations. This would be for people who want a gallery wall that’s completely different from the ones the site offers. So if you want to use a physical image, or add your own frames pieces to your wall, this would be a great option for you.

I decided to go with one of their pre-designed wall gallery called The Stack. I think the name pretty much explains what kind of gallery wall it. The Stack Gallery has 4 frames in different sizes. Once you choose a gallery wall, your next step is to upload your images or mail them in. I had a few art images that I purchased on Etsy that I used, but you can upload any image, even images from Instagram.

Women smiling with a package

The great thing about their online service is that, once you upload the image in the frame you want, it shows you exactly how the image will fit in the frame. So if you need to make any adjustments to the image, you can do so and re-upload. They also make sure that the resolution of the images are of high quality because if it’s not, they won’t be able to print the frame for you. The whole process literally takes 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

Receiving Your Frames

I received my Framebridge shipment about 2 weeks after I put in my order. The delivery time is usually less than this, but Framebridge has joined the fight against COVID-19 by also manufacturing PPE in their factories. The frames came very very secure. Each frame individually wrapped in bubble wrap and is secured in a way that allows the frames to stay in place in the package when in transit.

Hanging your Gallery Wall

With the frames, you also receive a How-to guide and a life-size hanging grid that you tape on your wall and it tells you where to put the nails for each frame.

Since we put our frames on a brick wall, we did run into some trouble getting the nails in, but other than that, everything was pretty smooth. Once you get the nails in, you remove the brown grid, hang your frames and voila. You’re done.

Framebridge really makes gallery walls such an easy task. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise if I’m being honest. Everything was just so hassle-free, and the quality of the frames was not disappointing. As I’ve said, I’ve ordered from Frambridae before. It’s no surprise that they make sure your frames look their best.

Framebridge Stack Gallery

How do you like my gallery wall? I think I did a pretty good job. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comment section or feel free to email me HERE! I hope you are all staying safe and well! Until Next time.

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