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How I Go About Shopping at Thrift Stores

It’s no secret that the bulk of my wardrobe is thrifted. I love finding unique pieces of clothing at thrift stores. Every time I tell someone that I found an item of clothing I’m wearing at a thrift store I get a response like “How do you do that?” or “How do you go through all that stuff?” Well, I don’t necessarily go through all the stuff. I have a technique that really helps me get the most out of my thrift store trips which I’m going to share with you in this blog post.

There are usually 2 occasions on which I would go to a thrift store. The first occasion is when I need something specific and I don’t want to go to a regular store to find it because I want it to be unique. For this occasion, I go straight to the section of the store that might have this item. Depending on how the store is laid out, items might be sorted by category, color, or size. So if I looking for a specific color, for instance, I would go straight to those colors and check the items they have out, and if it’s sorted by size, I just go to my size section. Sometimes I’ll check out the specific item in different sizes, just because depending on the material and cut a different size might fit me. So don’t be afraid to try something out even if it’s not your size. Sometimes you might find a gem that’s worth tailoring, which I’ve done so in the past.

The second occasions is if I have time to kill and there happens to be a thrift store nearby. I usually go in and kinda look through all the categories very quickly. Sometimes something catches my eyes right away if it’s a smaller store which makes it easier to find things. When it’s a bigger store, I tend to drag my hand through the clothing. If my eyes miss something, my hand would usually feel an item that I might like based on material or texture. I honestly think that when there are too many items in front of us our sense of touch comes in very handy in helping us find something our sense of sight might have missed, which is how I found this dress I’m wearing in my images.

There you have it! There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by thrift stores. I hope you find these tips helpful and apply them next time you visit a thrift store! Let me know of your next trip in the comments or email me HERE if you need more tips!

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