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My Stay at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Black Female Sitting on Bed

Back in February, a friend and I went on a very quick trip to Palm Beach, Florida and stayed at the Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. Eau Palm Beach is a 5-star hotel located on a private beach on seven acres of oceanfront. We had never heard of this resort before the trip, however, we grew very excited after stalking them online. The resort decided to temporarily close its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the hard but right thing to do in my opinion. In the meantime, add them to your list of places to visit once we get on the other side of all of this.

Eau Palm Beach Resort
Eau Palm Beach Resort

Eau Palm Beach Resort

Previously the Ritz Carlton, Eau Palm Beach Resort has 309 guest rooms which include suites, regular guest rooms, and Eau Club Level rooms. They have an endless amount of amenities including the Forbes 5-star rated Eau Spa, 2 pools, a fitness center, business lounge, and Restaurants/Bar. They are very family-friendly and also a very popular venue for hosting weddings. This isn’t surprising with its breathtaking location, spaciousness, and decor.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Lobby
Eau Palm Beach Resort Lobby

The Rooms

Eau Palm Beach Resort Bedroom

Interior designed by the famous Jonathan Adler, the rooms feature modern decor in yellow, blue and white tones which represents Palm Beaches’ vibrant charm. We both had the Eau Club Level rooms which gave us exclusive access to daily food and beverage presentations throughout the day and VIP treatment including separate champagne check-in /check-out, private balcony with views of the ocean or pool and gardens and personal concierge services, to name a few.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Bedroom

Eau Palm Spa

Eau Palm Beach Spa

I want to say one major thing about the spa at the Eau Palm Beach Resort! It is a full-day experience. There are so many pockets within the Spa, and our mistake was thinking we could enjoy all of it in an hour or two.

When you first enter the spa, you’re greeted with the most helpful front desk concierge. They go above and beyond to explain the spa experience to you and make sure your experience is as relaxing and effortless as it can be.

You then begin your spa adventure at the Wishing Well. The Spa’s whole philosophy is Pause, Play and Perfect. The wishing well is the Pause portion. They give you a lit candle and you take a moment to yourself, close your eyes, make a wish and place the candle into the wishing well. At the time of this trip, I was personally going through a few things, so this portion was very significant and helpful for me. They also give you a glass of wine during this portion which you get refiled throughout your time there.

Eau Palm Beach Spa Wishing Well

Next up you Play! This portion is for you to roam around the 42,000 square feet Spa, so whether it’s hanging out in The Self-Centered Garden, or the over-sized Jacuzzi, there is really no wrong way to play at this spa.

Last but not least, you Perfect. This can include going to their salon and pampering yourself, booking a Spa treatment or getting a personalized body scrub! I opted to get their Signature Full Body Massage since I’ve never had a body massage before, and my friend got a facial. After my massage, I honestly didn’t want to leave the massage room.

Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Females smiling at Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Eau Palm Beach Spa
Black Female posing at Eau Palm Beach

The Food

When I usually stay at hotels, I never anticipate eating at the restaurants in the hotel. I usually do my research of popular restaurants in the area ahead of time and go to those places. Since we only had 1 full day and 2 half days, we had to do with eating at the resort and we did not regret that decision one bit.

As I mentioned before, we had access to their daily food and beverage presentations because our rooms were Eau Club Level rooms. They included Continental Breakfast, Mid-Day Snacks, Hors d’oeuvres, and an Evening Desserts & Cordials. We mainly took part in breakfast. I didn’t get a chance to take any images but the display and food were always on point.

The Resort has 4 restaurants which include Angle, Temple Orange, Stir Bar and Terrace, and Breeze Ocean Kitchen. Stir Bar was the only restaurant we didn’t get a chance to try.

The first night we ate outdoors at Temple Orange which has a Mediterranean flair to the menu. We each had seafood dishes that were very well made and delightfully delicious. We also had their Pina Coladas. Let’s just say we both had 2 of them and could have had more tbh.

The next day we had lunch at Breeze Ocean Kitchen which has the most amazing ocean view. Our spa appointment was right after lunch, so we kept our food intake pretty light. We had salads and shared a few tacos. Definitely had a round of pina colada’s as well.

Last but not least, on our last night, we decide to eat at Angle. Angle is a modern American farm-to-table restaurant with an award-winning wine selection.

We each ordered the filet mignon with shared sides of mashed potatoes and asparagus, paired with a glass of red wine. We did have dessert, I don’t remember what it was but it came with flames. The food, service, and attention to detail were beyond anything I could have imagined. Angle was the perfect sendoff diner.

The Pool

Eau Palm Beach Tranquility Poop

I know I keep repeating we didn’t have time to do all the things we wanted to do, but it’s the truth. For instance, we didn’t get to spend any time at the beach. So instead we made sure to check out the pool area which is right by the beach. There are 2 outdoor oceanfront swimming pools at the Eau Palm Beach Resort. The first is the family-friendly active resort pool, and the second is the adults-only tranquility pool. I love that they have these two pools to appeal to different crowds.

Black Model Posing at Eau Palm Beach
Eau Palm Beach Family Pool
Eau Palm Beach Palm Trees
Eau Palm Beach Tranquility Poop
Eau Palm Beach

Wrap Up

Our stay at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa is one I will never forget. Everything from the scenery to the food to the spa experience was top-notch and we couldn’t ask for anything more. Although all those things were amazing, the biggest thing that stood out the most and had a lasting impression was the hospitality and the people. We met people from all over the world who love helping and love their job. Our food runner at Angle who has worked at Eau Palm Beach for many years told us how he helped his daughter get a job there. Our server from Turkey gave us recommendations of places to go if we ever visit Turkey, and we befriended a concierge who we made sure to visit every night to chitchat.

Working in the hospitality industry myself, this trip gave me a sense of purpose when I returned to work. I noticed myself wanting to help others and wanting to give the same lasting impressions that the people at Eau Palm Beach Resort gave me.

Palm Beach Shopping Center

I genuinely enjoyed writing about my stay at Eau Palm Beach and hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any questions about the resort fell free to get in touch with me HERE.

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